Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Are We Thanking Our Parents Enough?

There have been a number of times when I did not agree with my mother's opinion. It feels like only yesterday when I was in college, and she called me to say that I shouldn't stay out of my hostel for long. A few times, she scolded me for being late. My reaction used to be of a typical teenager. I used to argue with her with lame excuses, without understanding the selfless love and care of a mother. As the time passed, I have got a sense of what she must have felt. How does it feel when we care for somebody and instead of acknowledging our sentiments, they turn us down? I have no words to express my remorse; however, I am thankful that I got back to my senses before it was too late.

I am writing this post, not just, to ask my mother for her forgiveness, but also, to ask every kid to value their parents, while they have time. Our parents do everything to ensure that we get the very best in our life. Although at the moment we may not understand them, we will begin treasuring them soon enough; let us just hope that soon is not late. 

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When they ask us not to go on a trip with our friends, they are not trying to stop us from having fun. They are simply ensuring that we do not put ourselves into danger. As a parent, it is their responsibility to keep us safe; as a child, it is our duty to act as a bridge between two generations, and help them understand the changes occurring in our time. 

Of course, there is one exception. If our parents are following the rules that do not make sense, and if they are sticking to the evil traditions of society, then we should try to explain the wrong in their ways.

Whichever may the case be, treasure your parents while you can; love them, care for them, express your gratitude towards them. Time travels with the speed of light; do not spend time planning the perfect moment to thank them for everything they did or are still doing for you. Let us live a regret free life. 

I do not wish to waste another second keeping my feelings bottled up. I love you, my mom and dad. I hope I never argue with you on unnecessary matters. I wish to treasure you, cherish you, and appreciate you, forever.

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I urge everybody to love your parents and value them.