Thursday, 11 February 2016

Classic Book.1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - Journey from Chapter.10 to the End of Part.1. (*May contain spoilers)

Let me tell you that the speed with which events unfolded after Chapter.10 is commendable. A lot has happened in a few chapters. A few new characters have made an appearance. One of them is Mr. Collins, a cousin of the girls, who is supposed to entail their property, as soon as, Mr. Bennet dies in the future. Of course, any mother will be appalled by such a social arrangement, and Mrs. Bennet is no exception to the same. I found no difficulty in connecting with her thought process, and for that, I believe the credit goes to the excellent skill set of the author. Mr. Colins' manner of addressing himself seemed pretentious to me, and sure enough, Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet caught the shallowness of his character. Mrs. Bennet, however, is beyond these minute observations and is enjoying his rain of compliments to her house and daughters. 

My most favorite part of these chapters has to be Mrs. Bennet's out-of-the-world reaction to Elizabeth's refusal to her cousin's proposal of marriage. She reminded me of my mother's reaction. Whenever I turned down any offer of marriage, my mom became a world class drama queen. Her dialogues and Mrs. Bennet's dialogues are so much in sync that I could not help smiling. The beautiful narration of her expression towards this declination shows the time and energy that the author must have spent on making each conversation believable. I think this simple fact makes this book so famous in each generation. I cannot move forward without sharing a glimpse of Mrs. Bennet's tantrum:
...nobody is on my side, nobody takes part with me. I am cruelly used, nobody feels for my poor nerves.
To add to her sufferings, Mrs. Bennet has received the information of Mr. Bingley leaving the town. The inclination of Elizabeth towards ensuring the well-being of her sister at a time like this is very well written. The lengths to which Jane Austen must have gone in writing each chapter, narration, event, and dialogue of this book is evident throughout the read.

Mr. Bennet is, as always, his own calm self. His way of asking a guest not to revisit them soon, the manner in which he takes side with Elizabeth when his wife is turning the world upside down, and his need to be alone in his library are all perfect and quite humorous. Mr. Darcy's increasing inclination towards Elizabeth and her ignorance towards the subject are very exciting to me.

All said and done, I cannot wait to read the next events of their lives. Oh yes, before I forget, Mary, Lydia, and Catherine have also started making appearances in the plot of the book. 


  1. This is one of my favorite books. She was witty and talented for her time and also for all time!

  2. yes, I too loved the conversations and the dialogues.. now who cannot!.. it is one of the rare classics that managed to capture my attention without anyone's prodding.. :)