Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Classic Book.1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - Journey from Chapter.23 to Chapter.46 (*May contain spoilers)

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Oh, how I wish I had a rich vocabulary or rhythm of a poet to describe the beauty of this book! The story flows and events begin unfolding in a flawless manner. I pride myself in understanding the real character of a human being in the first meeting itself; moreover, I can guess the next chapter before the current one even ends, but this is not the case with the much-admired Pride and Prejudice. When the author introduced Mr. Wickham and Mr. Collins, I believed that they are mere distractions -- and dare I say, page filling characters. However, once again the author blinked her eyes and gave them a purpose in the whole plot. I am astonished by Jane Austen's timing to introduce a pinch of humor in the story. Everything is going on in a business-like manner, and she writes something as simple as "Their table was superlatively stupid," and, it is enough to bring a smile on the reader's lips. I am bemused by her creativity and the concrete plot that knows no bounds of imagination.

The girls have received many invitations from their relatives to visit them, and indeed, these visits added a lot to the already strong plot. Jane is deep in the pool of her sorrow but is reluctant to let her mother be affected by her condition. Elizabeth blames everybody, except Mr. Bingley, for her dear sister's broken heart. I, being a sister, can understand the pain of Elizabeth, and I admire the author for capturing the true emotions of every sister in her character, Elizabeth. I believe, this is one of the many reasons of this book's success. 

Finally, Mr. Darcy has expressed his true feelings to Elizabeth; however, her shortsightedness to Mr. Darcy's character and Mr. Wickham's unkind revelations of his conflict with him made her respond to his proposal in a very untasteful manner. Having said that, I am sure that if I was in her shoes, I would have behaved exactly the same. One thing I would like to admit here, I did not like Mr. Darcy, but since his proposal to Lizzy, I envy Lizzy on winning the heart of a man like him. His contradictory attributes of the personality are very hard to resist. He is patient, and yet, intense; he is proud, and at the same time, humble. There is so much depth to his personality that I doubt if anybody could resist his charisma.

Something very tragic has happened with one of the sisters -- or so we are made to believe till chapter.46 -- and I am suspecting that a turmoil of emotions and changes are on the way. I'll be back with the various emotions that are yet to be explored in the next post. Till then, you may browse through the wonderful journey of previous chapters by clicking here.


  1. Very interesting tale. I will have to find time to read this classic. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Have you watched the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth? You'll fall in love with Mr Darcy! ;)

    1. I would love to watch any series or movie even remotely related to Mr. Darcy, now. :)

  3. I had loved the letter that Mr.Darcy had written for Elizabeth.. so many colliding emotions.. his personality is indeed deep, beyond normal tags, comprehension and explanation or logic... that makes him so irresistible..