Saturday, 27 February 2016

Set Your Priorities Straight with Ordinary Life

To check out the summary and review of Ordinary Life by Stacy Baggett, please click here. I am dedicating this post to the amazing highlights of the book in an easy to read format. There is a variety of factors embedded in this fascinating book, and I wish to put the readers face to face with multiple shades of all of those factors.

  • Deep Thoughts - The conversations between Sera, the guardian angel, and Sherrie is very deep and exhibit the depth of thoughts of the author. These dialogues reflect the true meaning of the life, as seen by Stacy. 

"For every negative thought you inflict upon others, a flower withers and dies."
Do you see the deep meaning in it? We are, in general, full of negativity. We think of ways to  belittle our enemies, justify our actions, and hold on to our ego; while, in reality we are breaking down our own chatracter, one bit at a time. 

The author has also written a genral perception of the people regarding death, and it is worth mentioning here: 
Death belongs to the others; the old, the sick, the accidental. Death is a disease that the outsiders catch. It's all aorund us; we see it, yet we deny it.

  • Invisible Scars of Bad Parenting - To call the parenting style of Sherrie's parents a bad one is an understatement of the century. Grace, the mother, and Stephan, the step-father, show exactly how a parent should not be. This goes for all the parents, who believe in tormenting their children and then, blaming them for all of their mistakes, that just because they have a child under their care, it does not give them a right to leave a scar on their child's innocent heart. Sherrie struggled to heal this scar even after her death. Even though this story is a figment of the author's imagination, the effect is close to what one may expect to happen in the reality. If I had a parent that got a kick out of beating me up, I don't think only the boundary of life and death could have stopped me from hating them.
  • Bringing a Child into the World is Not a One Time Activity - One cannot wash their hands off a child after bringing it into the world. This is a job for a life time. Grace decided to keep the baby, but turned her back from her when she realized that Stephan is sexually abusing her. Instead of standing as a rock between her husband and her helpless child, she decided to be jealous of her -- I mean, seriously, how can a mother behave this way. Therefore, this is my request to every mother all around the globe that please do not leave your child to the mercy of an insane man, who cares only about himself. This is not your child's mistake that your man is being an animal that he is. Walk with your child and shower as much love as you can. Impart descipline to shape their life in a better way and not to impart fear in their hearts. 
  • Live in the Today - I believe, this is the most important lesson in the book. We postpone the important things, which are not related to our jobs, we postpone talking to our loved ones because we are too busy, but imagine, what if, god forbid, you do not have a tomorrow to reevaluate your life and care for your loved ones.
  • An Important Social Message - Please do not risk conceiving a child before you are absolutely prepared, this is an important social message conveyed by the author. Teenagers jump up and down to lose their virginity without considering the consequences. It is not a joke to bring a life into the world, only to hate it in the future. 
Stacy has included many significant and valuable social issues and life lessons in the book. I encourage the readers to read it with an empty head and try to set their priorities in life, straight.

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  1. It seems a really interesting book. But I think I will wait for the price to reduce before I read it:)