Saturday, 20 February 2016

What Makes One Voice by Bilz and Kashif One of The Best Songs Ever

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If you have not heard the song, One Voice, then you are really missing out the rhythm of unity. Here, sharing a few lines of the lyrics to the readers:

We're living in the 21st century
But we're still fighting for peace
Wars, hate crimes and terrorist attacks
It's making it hard to breathe
We're investing in weapons of mass destruction
When the third world is hungry
You and I have the power to create a future
Without violence and poverty
Get informed, Get inspired
Stand up, speak out and break the silence
Build awareness, Share the knowledge
Stop ignoring and deliver the message of peace
Just a breath away to make a change
One voice can make a difference
Just a breath away to make a change
One voice can make a difference
The vision of a hatred free world is close to every unblemished soul, and this song captures the essence of these souls. My heart craves for the world that is free from fear, violence, and crime. When I listen to this song, the real world slowly disappears, and I begin imagining the world free from all the vices. Don't you ever dream of walking freely on the streets and not keeping your guard up all the time? I, most certainly, do! 

Today, when we have claimed our victory over technology among other things, and yet, we are fighting over inconsequential aspects of life and materialistic things; then, what have we really achieved by inventing and discovering anything? I wish with all my heart to God every day to help people see the error in their ways, lift above the unimportant issues, and embrace the beauty that prevails in this world.

Other than the beautiful message, this song has Gayatri Mantra in it, which sounds very soothing to my ears. It calms my nerves and makes me feel connected to the divine. 

Everyone should give this song a try. I'll wait to read what you have to say about this song or any other song that may have motivated or enlightened you.

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  1. Hmm...this I have to hear! You say it has the Gayathri Mantra in it? Wow, will hear this. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Oh, yes! You must listen to it. I'll wait to know what you think about it.

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing! Haven't heard the song but have read the lyrics I guess. and Gayatri mantra? really? that's interesting to know!

    1. Oh, you'll love it. I am eager to know your opinion of the song. Do let me know whenever you get a chance to listen to it, please!

  4. I love the Gayathri Mantra, the most soothing music.
    Would you hate me if I told you I haven't heard this one before. I'm going to change that in a minute.
    Do you think that now that technology makes our life simpler, we have more time for useless fighting, perhaps?