Monday, 8 February 2016

Classic Book.1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - Journey from Chapter.7 to Chapter.10

I know I already mentioned in my previous post about this book till chapter.6 that I like the character of Mr. Bennet; however, I think I adore him. He cracks me up. His dialogues never disappoint me. I was reading very quietly and with full concentration, and then arrived his point of view of his daughters,
From all that I can collect by your manner of talking, you must be two of the silliest girls in the country. I have suspected it some time, but I am now convinced.
Then the comment of Mrs. Bennet was, as close to the reality, as it could be. She is like any mother, who praises her daughters and tries to get her husband to stop being too opinionated about his own daughters. When I read, what followed his remark, I felt as if I was standing in front of my own parents, and my mom is defending me. Of course, my dad never had such strong opinion about me. Anyway, the author has written the dialogues in a manner that, generally, everybody can connect to.

Another one of my favorite dialogues of Mr. Bennet is delivered, when Mrs. Bennet contemplates a plan. See, her plan involves sending Jane to visit Mr. Bingley's house, all the way knowing that it will rain in a while. Her plan is that she'll need to stay in their house, thus, she may get more time to impress Mr. Bingley. Whether that plan succeeds or not, that is for readers to find out; however, his sarcastic comment is really unforgetful -
...if your daughter should have a dangerous fit of illness — if she should die, it would be a comfort to know that it was all in pursuit of Mr. Bingley, and under your orders.
Isn't he is an exquisite character?

On a different note, I was a little confused with the usage of the word "loo-table." Google's kind search enabled me to know that it is a table on which a game of cards — loo — is played. An excellent piece of information!

The conversation of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are a little complex to my taste. I am using all my brain to try and understand even the topic of their discussion. Probably, I need to pay more attention. However, slightly increasing admiration of Mr. Darcy for Elizabeth and her witty responses to his attempt of approaching her are truly fascinating. As a reader, I cannot wait for them to get together; however, at the same time, I am enjoying the ongoing love-hate plot.

So far, my opinion of Mr. Darcy is same as that of Elizabeth. Whether it changes or not, we shall see soon.

À bientôt!


  1. I've always loved Pride and Prejudice...thanks for writing about it, and reminding me of what I loved!

  2. This is an all time favorite with me too! And trust me I am still very much in love with Mr Darcy! Happy reading!