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Highlights of the Book 'Salsa and Speed Bumps' by Susan M. Baganz

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If you are thinking about picking up this romantic fiction and need a detailed insight to know what to expect from 'Salsa and Speed Bumps,' then you have landed in the right post. Stephanie commits one mistake of dating a shrewd and ill-mannered man, Luis, and faces the consequences for a long time. She breaks up with him on realizing the flaws of his character; however, she cannot get rid of his threats. To add to her problems, she gets pregnant with his child. A handsome man, Roberto Rodriguez, enters her life during this dramatic situation. Roberto, himself, is far from perfect; he has a history of being a drug addict, and presently he is struggling to keep himself on the right path far from the addiction. Whether Stephanie gets this man or surrenders to Luis' demands for the sake of her baby, that is for the readers to find out. Nonetheless, this post gives a few highlights of the various attributes of the book. 

  1. Romance - This is the key attribute of the book. The attraction of Stephanie towards Roberto and his intense feelings towards her remain the central subject of the book. Events, accidents, and tragedies happen around them, and yet, romance remains the central theme of the book. This should not come as a shock because this is a 'Romantic Fiction.' 
  2. A Web of Twists - I cannot insist upon it enough that this book is full of numerous twists and turns. Susan has definitely done a lot of research before writing this book. There are medical problems, family troubles, and -- even -- judicial conflicts in the plot. The best part about these twists is that they continue to keep the readers on the edge of their seats, throughout the read. 
  3. Emotional Journey of a Single Pregnant Lady - The life of a single mother becomes very complicated. We can all imagine that, but only the ones who go through this difficult journey can tell the heights of the problems that they go through. Nonetheless, Susan has captured fears, problems, confusions, and anger of a single mom with utmost care. Stephanie's struggle with making a decision to whether to keep the baby or give up for adoption is very believable.
  4. Constant Struggle of a Drug-Addict in Recovery - Any addiction is easy to take but very difficult to give up; once you give it up, keeping your feet firm on the ground is another task, altogether. By narrating the determination of Roberto to continue on the right path, Susan has described an addict's everyday struggle.
  5. Immense Faith in God - God has been mentioned consistently throughout the book. To me, it became an overdose after a while; however, the plot of the book demanded an exhibition of the characters' dependence on God to get through their problems. 
  6. The Importance of Friends in Life - Each character in the book has an important role to serve. I could not find even one character who had no role in the normal flow of the story. Tony and Renata -- Steph's best friends -- stand with Steph through thick and thin. While reading this story, it is only normal that one may think about their own friends.
Having said all of that, I found that Salsa and Speed Bumps is an interesting book and you will enjoy the rollercoaster ride of twist and turns of this book. 

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