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French Verb of Day.23 of Blogging #AtoZChallenge - Warranter!

Salut mes beaux amis!

The verb of the day is Warranter. This post does not have a lot to offer. I could only add pronunciation link, meaning and translation section. I have divided the post into these main sections:
  • Pronunciation Link
  • Meaning of this Verb
  • Let's write a little French with a verb - A Recap of the verb boire
So, let's have some fun while learning the usage of the verb of the day.

Pronunciation Link

Meaning of the Verb

Meaning of this verb is, again, very easy to guess, and I bet you thought to warrant. Well, good for you. This is the right answer :) Bravo!

Let's Write a little French with a verb - A Recap of the verb boire



I do not drink enough water.

Je ne bois pas assez d'eau.

Passé Composé 

I drank only three glasses water yesterday.

J'ai bu seulement trois verres d'eau, hier.


I used to drink about 8 glasses water when I was in school.

Je buvais approximativement huit verres d'eau quand j'étais à l’école.


I had dunk very little before I fell sick.

J'avais bu très peu avant je tombais malade.


I will drink a lot of water from tomorrow.

Je boirai beaucoup d'eau à partir de demain.

Futur antérieur

By the time I'll be 40,  I will have probably made drinking a habit.

Au moment où je serai quarante ans, j'aurai probablement fait boire une habitude.

Future proche

I am going to drink 3 glasses of water in a minute.

Je vais boire trois verres d'eau dans une minute.



My mom thought that I might never drink the required quantity.

Ma mère a pensé que je ne boirais jamais la quantité nécessaire.


If I had not discontinued taking care of my health after school, I would have drunk sufficient water even today. (Not sure, if its structure is correct. If any native English speaker has an example of conditional past tense, please suggest.)

Si je n'avais pas cessé de prendre soin de ma santé après l'école, j'aurais bu suffisamment d'eau, même aujourd'hui.



It is important to me that I drink sufficient quantity of water.

Il est important pour moi que je boive une quantité suffisante d'eau.


I wish that I had drunk water instead of beer.

Je souhaite que j'aie bu de l'eau au lieu de la bière.



Anku, calm yourself and drink water!

Anku, calmes-toi et bois de l'eau!

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